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Come again, Bwog?

We're not sure what's more strange about the AAA poster: [not shown above, click link below...] that they promote their event with a picture of Calvin Sun et al., or that they're touting Tokyo Pop as "Columbia's premier nightclub/lounge."


Oh Bwog, we ask you to answer to call of our oppression as Asian Americans under someone who breakdances for cool points. (And cool points he shall get...) Please stand in solidarity as we continue our tireless campaigns against racism, apathy, raging Facebook popularity, and spikey hair. Help us end our fight under the unbearable heat of the Sun.

Maybe come to some of our events? Get to know some arguably cooler people? ... A good thing to do before you make out our entire group to be the Gundam suit of just one man. (That's right - you know the reference.)

Sometimes, though, (maybe this isn't the right time) we like to point out the irony of infamy... You rail against someone's popularity, but can't quite help yourself, can you?

And lastly: you're very welcome.

EDIT: All in good fun, Bwog! We hope that you feel the love from wherever you are.


  1. Epic said...

    Magnitude is typically scaled by "orders". "Orders of magnitude".

    What. A. Kick. Ass. Party.  

  2. SoHo said...

    ouch, david. that hurt.
    :-)tonight: we did it!

  3. David said...

    Awww soho, i had no intention of hurting your feelings! It's just that we need caring people like Bwog to understand the degree of our struggle!  

  4. skyxie said...

    ZOMG GUNDAM!!! I love Gundam! Except for some of the AC timeline. UC timeline pwns AC.

    Also, Calvin Sun et al? That sounds more like the rest of us combine to make Calvin Sun rather than act as his Gundam suit. Thats Voltron not Gundam, get your giant robots straight.  


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