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On the flipside

Admittedly, playing on rumors and stereotypes is pretty bad. Unforgivable, even. But while David may have had the best time of his life at Pike, I distinctly remember some not so pleasant experiences during my first (and last) frat visit. Some experiences that involved, say, a floormate getting led up the stairs to a place where she didn't want to be?

No rumors or stereotypes there. I'll leave it at that.


  1. Heiroku said...

    hmm, well put. and yeah, i'm not gonna knock any particular frats here, or make sweeping generalizations, but i *do* think there are trends of misogyny and chauvinism within some (not all) fraternities that should be recognized. scantily clad women on flyers for club parties, ya know?

    and it's beyond columbia, and it can definitely escalate to violent acts. i know ppl who were raped in such situations...  


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