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Stepping it up

As our chair has dutifully informed us, AAA has made it into the Columbia Spectator three days in a row! (Wednesday to Friday, September 26th to 29th)

Here's the sampling:
"A Statement from the Asian American Alliance" - our statement about the 114th St. NYPD confrontation.
"Campus Groups Re-evaluate 'Umbrella Group' Designation"
"Student Weigh Response to Graffiti"

And we're not the only ones stepping it up. The Spectator itself has been making some pretty impressive waves lately in reporting the latest slew of hate incidents in the Columbia and Morningside Heights community. Something tells me they're not done yet.

In an editorial yesterday, they even made the painstakingly valuable connection between the graffiti incident and the racial slurs thrown at an Asian American student two weeks ago yesterday by the NYPD. This piece, titled "Harmful Speech", gains kudos just through its apparent racial awareness. And for this, we thank the Spec for its continual dedication to marginalized issues on campus.

So here's to spreading awareness (perhaps with a tinge of narcissism, as this post evidently shows).



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