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Developments in the NYPD incident

It's been a while... after seeing news about this incident totally silenced by Ahmadinejad's arrival on campus, it's time we relight the fire.

AAA's angles of approach in this incident are currently as follows:

  • We are speaking to administrators (specifically, of student life and of multicultural affairs) within Columbia in the aim of engaging NYPD Public Relations.
  • These administrators are also speaking to the student in the midst of this confrontation, letting him know of his rights and consulting with him on further action.
  • Hoping to get our hands on a police report of the incident, we also plan on informing the police department that their actions could be grounds for lawsuit. We are to receive legal consultation from our contacts in Asian American legal defense before we proceed in this manner.

All of this is contingent on this student's willingness to pursue action for this incident. While we do not wish to speak on his behalf, AAA is willing to provide him necessary resources (legal contacts, etc.) for justice in the face of this racial confrontation. In the meanwhile, we hope that all of you following the case is sensitive to his need for privacy as we participate in discussion and consultation with the student, university administrators, and legal advocates.

In addition, we have heard that this incident is part of a chain of racially charged confrontations with the NYPD in Morningside Heights. Currently, this is still anecdotal rumor - we are waiting on a current Spectator investigative piece before we pursue this angle.

Stay tuned. We won't let this pass unconsidered.



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