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9:07pm: Clinton and Obama open by saying that they don't want race or gender to be a part of this campaign... Clinton talks about the Democratic party as a prominent player in equality struggles, Obama talks about that same "defining moment", and Edwards talks about a certain Woolworth's counter sit-in.

9:11pm: "All of the candidates" are committed to racial equality. Obama: "Race is a factor in our society" ... but goes on to say Iowa is a sort of proof against this?

9:16pm: To Edwards, "why should I not resent being forced to choose between the first viable woman and the first viable African American candidate?" and "What is a white male to do running against these historic candidacies?"

9:19pm: Hillary has a smug look on her face... liek, zomg.

9:22pm: Someone yells out in protest against "race-based questions"...

9:30pm: I am getting nothing from this talk. Edwards just said "fight" a billion times, Obama admitted his bad organizational skills, and Clinton... is still talking...

9:34pm: Xenophobia says hi! Emails to MSNBC claim Obama is a sleeper Muslim and pledges on the Koran. Wow.

9:37pm: I'm watching a silent camera being moved around the Decision 08 sign.

9:40pm: Brian Williams thinks it's considered "fundamentally wrong" for foreign countries to control these "American flagship brands"... corporations like Citibank, etc. Oh, no! I wonder what kind of fundamental wrongness he's talking about.

9:50pm: Wow, listen to Hillary. Economic disfortune falls "disproportionately on African Americans, on Hispanics, on some Asian Americans". Some Asian Americans? ... Are Asian Americans somehow privileged to a level farther away from other people of color? The emphasis bothers me, but I'll let it slide - she mentioned something worthwhile otherwise.

9:58pm: Brian is so funny! And his deadpan tone makes him even funnier!

10:10pm: It's been an hour.

10:14pm: OMG, Tim Russert says, "volunteer army disproportionately constitutes poor and minority students". What a concept! Just now it's a problem?

10:17pm: Wow, Obama just proposed to solve the problem with a problem itself... college aid to poorer students who serve in national service. Why not... just stop recruiting students and disadvantaged peoples?

10:20pm: Hillary calls post-traumatic stress disorder "traumatic brain wounds." Sorry, antsy neuroscience student talking.

10:29pm: Yay, Dems love scientists. (Energy policy.)

10:32pm: Thank gosh, on to immigration.

10:34pm: Tim just asked Clinton why one of her supporters said Hispanics are reluctant to vote for a black man. Pitting races against each other? C'mon, new tricks please. The candidates also keep saying black and brown, but never yellow. Apparently APAs don't have problems. Hillary: "This is a black brown debate." Thanks.

10:42pm: Hello, Virginia Tech. (Gun control and mental health.)

10:59pm: Debate just ended. No questions about, for, or from APAs.


  1. Nhu-Y said...

    disappointing. the debate, that is. but your commentary, david. GOLD.

    "9:37pm: I'm watching a silent camera being moved around the Decision 08 sign."



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