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Historic debate tonight!

Admittedly, we at The Blaaag have been slow to cover presidential election news. You might say, but we don't care about national politics to begin with! Well, it's time to quit that thinking, because a fundamental part of empowering our communities is using our votes to give elected politicians reason to hear our concerns and act on our issues. Then let's get started.

By word of Nhu-Y's amazing forwarded emails, tonight's Democratic MSNBC debates with Senators Edwards, Clinton, and Obama will feature discussion of race and "minority" issues. Although some of these candidates have explicitly said that they race is just something they just don't want to talk about, hopefully these debates will open eyes to the concerns and presence of communities of color in Nevada and across the country.

The debates are on tonight on MSNBC at 6-8pm PST... which is 9-11pm EST. If you want to ask a question to the candidates, fill out the form here. If I find the MSNBC channel on the McBain 6 lounge TV, I might just live blog the thing.

P.S. I hereby direct you to a post from Reappropriate about the representation of Asian American concerns in this race.

P.P.S. AAA is currently doing research into the candidates and their stances on APA issues in order to deduce the best candidate for Asian America. Our end goal will be to produce an election guide publication to help our fellow APAs to decide which candidate is best for them. Want to help us out? Just email whatever you find to theblaaag@gmail.com!



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