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Columbia University and New York University will once again host the 2nd annual New York Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC), and would like to invite you to join the Columbia executive planning board. We seek dedicated individuals who can help make this year's conference a success!

The Columbia planning committee works jointly with: a mirror NYU executive board, NYU's Asian Heritage Month (AHM) committee, Columbia's Asian Pacific American Awareness Month (APAAM) executive board, and other college students in the New York area.

This is a great opportunity to hone your leadership skills, get connected with Asian American students and community organizations in New York City, and have a lot of fun in the process. As part of the committee, you will play an integral role in shaping this year's conference theme, determining what workshops to conduct, and helping plan entertainment.

The day-long conference will be held at NYU in mid-April. Last year's conference theme was "Breaking the Silence: Discover, Inspire, Empower". We had over 400 registered participants from schools throughout the east coast. Highlights included: opening remarks from Carmen Van Kerckhove, co-founder and president of New Demographic; performances by Vudoo Soul and the Stone Forest Ensemble; and workshops facilitated by spoken word artist Giles Li, director Michael Kang, members from National Asian American Conference, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Asian Americans for Equality, and many more! For more highlights, check out our video with footage from last year's conference.

Available positions on the board are listed below, along with a bullet point description of the responsibilities of each position. If you are interested in joining the Columbia board, please email back Nhu-Y Ngo (ntn2103@columbia.edu) and Marilla Li (ml2573@barnard.edu) with the following:

  • Name
  • School
  • Year
  • Your campus and community activities
  • Why you would like to join the NYCAASC Board

Nhu-Y Ngo and Marilla Li
Columbia NYCAASC Directors

Available Positions

2 Associate Directors
- assist Directors
- double-check to see that all tasks are completed
- make sure we're on schedule and on point
- check to make sure we are under budget

2-3 Workshop Coordinators [depending on how many tracks we have]
- get speakers/moderators
- set up a specific timetable, place speakers in appropriate tracks
- is point person for the lists of contacts
- make sure speakers get equipment they need and are directed to the right room

Logistics Chair
- know the flow of operations and make sure everything follows the timetable
- know where the speakers are and what sort of rooms we need
- meet a lot with Kimmel operations at NYU
- media equipment: rentals, communicate to artists to make sure they have everything

Registration Chair
- in charge of listserv
- in charge of registration and the registration table the day of the conference
- hand out pamphlets, bags of goodies, and schedule/itinerary to attendees at registration

2 Publicity Chairs
- Internal: make press kit, get people to come from Columbia/Barnard community
- External: establish contacts and reach out to different schools

1 Volunteer Chair
- get volunteers
- designate shifts
- make a final schedule with the volunteers

1 Honorarium/Co-Sponsorship Chair
- in charge of honorariums
- get a contact person for all outside and inside co-sponsorships and then assign people to go and get sponsorships

1 Event Coordinator
- organize the reception period
- book performers/guests for the concert and take care of concert logistics
- leaving period: make sure people leave happy, organized, and at the correct time
- in charge of food and tablecloths for reception/breakfast, lunch and dinner
- tighten everything up so everything is organized



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