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Turning over a new leaf

... or in our case, a new layout.

Some of you must wonder what David and I do during the break when we're not at school discussing conspiracies, academic work, and other geeky fare. Well, look no further! Though our recent dry writing patch implicates that we are catching up on home cooked meals (mom's noodles), TV marathons (Lost), and leisurely reading (Yellow by Frank Wu), the truth runs far from it. Break time is work time in our eyes, and we're churning our mental gears harder than ever for the upcoming semester.

Two days after Christmas, David and I met in a nearly-hidden area of Queens, watched a barber cut some throats, ducked into a B&N cafe, stole a table next to some loud elders, and compulsively grated out new ideas / re-hashed old ones.

A member of the AAA graphics team, Ashish, recently offered to revamp our website and "pimp it out". Though we weren't sure of what that would specifically entail, it seemed right to consent because a new look might boost accessibility and appeal. We also thought up some standardizing methods which will bring about drastic changes; but not even the writers have been briefed in full. In short, everything is up in the air in a good, scary, gasp-our-blog-has-only-existed-for-a-semester kind of way.

That's the beauty of working on a project, isn't it? Learning and improving as you go along. But if one day you visit our page and see psychedelic colors with insane Flash animations, don't say we didn't warn you.


  1. David said...

    as for conspiracies...

    ZOMG find815.com  


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