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As addressed by NAASCon and AAM, the other CU -- not Columbia but Colorado -- bred outrage three days ago when it published the highly controversial op-ed, "If it's war the Asians want... it's war they'll get". The piece's author, Max Karson, narrates an encounter with an Asian individual ("The Asian") and the realization that the individual showed "hate. Pure hate" towards Karson, a victim of being lumped together with "whitebread, brainless tree sloths".

Karson's resolution to his epiphany ("They hate us all") is 'simple':

It's time for war.
But we won't attack their bodies or minds. We will attack their souls.
The hunt will then begin.

(Read the complete version here)
So remember when I said that David and I love parody?

Well, we do, and this one isn't funny.

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Also read about Max Karson's troubled history here.



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