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Pictures from ECAASU 2008

Even though we were terrible with the whole live-blogging deal, here are some pretty pictures... Sorry, no pictures of Gary Okihiro (affectionately called G-yo) or from our workshops, but we were too lazy during workshops and you can probably see Professor Okihiro shopping at the frozen meat section of Fairway.
(Click on the captions for website links)

Audience (nearly 1,000 attendees) at the keynote speeches in Bailey Hall

iLL-Literacy (L-R: Adriel, Ruby)

Blue Scholars (L-R: Sabzi, Geo)


  1. David said...

    Ahhh Fairway, not Appletree. How could I confuse the two??  

  2. Marilla said...

    I don't know. Fairway has ridiculously cheap food, while Appletree has ridiculously cheap nothing.  

  3. skyxie said...

    No, no, no! Appletree does have lots of questionably rotten fruit... but its not cheap. :(  


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