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ECAASU: Day One (sort of)

Christina, Ryan, Patrick, and I arrive. We wait for the rest of the posse to leave Columbia. Some brief dialogue ensues as we sit in Room 392 of the Downtown Ithaca Holiday Inn, sick after three hours of Spongebob Squarepants:

Me: What should I say about our first day of ECAASU?
Patrick: (miscellaneous mumbling)
Me: What?
Patrick: It was fucking ra.
Patrick: Except we haven't gone to Cornell yet.
Me: Um.

Me (to Ryan): What do you want me to say about ECAASU?
Patrick: It's the fucking shit!
Patrick: It's absolutely ridiculous! It's off the hook! Fucking wasted!

Ryan: Say that my stomach hurts.

Patrick: Ugh, I really need to study.
The rest of the group arrives at midnight. We split into three rooms, meet various organizations, drink sour mix with liquor, spit rhymes (no match for D'Lo, iLL-Literacy, or Blue Scholars), and discuss the superiority of Tim Burton's Batman series over Joel Schumacher's.


  1. David said...

    I DIDN'T bring my laptop... I'll have to liveblog from computer I find.  


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