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The National Asian American Student Conference (NAASCon) is eager to present their campaign, Hey Asian America, What’s Goin’ On?, in hopes of gaining more insight to Asian Americans’ experiences across the nation. Through your stories, we want to connect students throughout various regions and discover the state of Asian America today.

NAASCon's campaigns such as boycotting Abercrombie & Fitch for their racist apparel to protesting Details Magazine for their stereotypical portrayal of Asian men are some of many that NAASCon has coordinated in the past.

As a national organization, we want to effectively distribute resources and information that would allow us to better recognize movements occurring outside of our respective campuses and communities. Reaching out beyond one’s own bubble can be a fairly difficult task if you are not connected to certain groups, organizations, etc. and it can become quite easy to stay isolated within one’s own campus, community, region, etc.

We realize the power in learning about each others’ stories and how much we have to offer each other through these experiences. This is where you, the students, come in.

DEADLINE: March 1st

LENGTH: 500 – 700 words

EMAIL SUBMISSIONS to naascon.news at gmail.com


NAASCon is an organization created by and for students of Asian American descent. NAASCon aims to serve as a forum for AA student activists from across the country to compile resources, coordinate campaigns, and build community around shared values of social and economic justice, human rights, and collective decision-making. For more information: http://www.naascon.org


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