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For those who don't remember, Max Karson at the University of Colorado at Boulder wrote an opinion piece recently, "satirically" calling for a war against Asians, based on an encounter with an Asian student.

Sign the petition against his hate speech here.


  1. David said...

    The article was the most racist comment about Asians that I have ever read. His ideas of punishing Asians sound perfectly like the creation of a concentration camp. Such racist should be put in jail.  

  2. David said...

    ... not this David  

  3. Calvin/soho said...


    this sounds familiar.  

  4. Kim said...

    "Once the Asian spirit has been broken, "Phase 3" will begin. Before we let the Asians go, we will go to their homes and redecorate them in a traditional American style. We will replace their rice cookers with George Foreman Grills, their green tea mochi with fried Snickers bars, and their rice rockets with Hummers. And booster seats"

    --- i'm not even sure where to begin here.

    This guy so horrible.  


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