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AAA Board '08-'09

Copied & pasted from the AAA website:

After a 2 hour election deliberation marked by tears and laughter, I would like to congratulate the new AAA board of 2008-2009:

Chair - Aretha Choi (BC 2010)

CC/SEAS Vice Chair - Shilpa Vadodaria (SEAS 2010)

BC Vice Chair - Katie Wang (BC 2010)

Secretary - Daniel Nisball (SEAS 2009)

Treasurer - Jeremy Tapp (CC 2011)

Political Chair - Jia Ahmad (CC 2011)

Community Chairs - Lena Fan (CC 2010) & Mei Li Zhou (BC 2011)

Social Chair - Patrick Chang (SEAS 2011)

Publicity Chair - Corinne Fukayama (SEAS 2010)

Historians - Eddie Kang (CC 2011) & Lizzie Shen (CC 2011)

USCC Representative - Evan Omi (CC 2011)

You all have my love. Stay classy.

- Calvin, former Chair

Stay classy... San Diego?



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