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Old Chair Calvin, signing off

Dear members of the Asian American Alliance community,

After four years on AAA, I find myself enduring the symptoms of withdrawal. Cursing out the multitude of Physical Chemistry textbooks and readings of Kant, I looked forward to every Tuesday night at 8PM where AAA board meetings would take place on the 5th floor of Lerner. There, things would happen.

AAA isn't just a student organization. It's a movement. It's a round table of ideas brought forth by passionate individuals and it's a soundbox for those with a purpose. It's a forum for compromise among the plethora of diverse opinions and it's a playground of exciting and creative student programming. And you all have become a part of it.

I can always include a list of our accomplishments this year (which I shamelessly already have done above), but we're more than that. AAA could not have been without your support, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you for believing in what we do.

This year AAA attempted to bridge the existing divide among Asian Americans and attempted to communicate with the communities beyond our own. It attempted to bring forth a variety of programming that catered to all our members interested in the various aspects of Asian Americana -- including large scale entertainment, social networking, political issues, community service, or all the above.

We succeeded, we failed, but we learned so much. I part with Columbia knowing all too well that AAA has been left in capable hands, continuing the tradition of continuously setting forth loftier goals than their predecessors' and accomplishing them with dedicated and earnest determination.

This symphony of my discontent rests in my all too short time here at Columbia and that I can no longer sit in front row watching AAA grow next year. My only quantum of solace is knowing how much it already has grown because of you. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

This is Calvin, signing off. Thanks for making these goodbyes so awfully difficult.

Of all the people to make playful mockeries of our former Chair, David and I are perhaps best at it. Thanks for sticking with AAA ("those crazy 'white washed' Asians") for four years. We'll remember you for the rest of our time here on campus.



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