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Yitian Li, CC '08

During last week's elections, one candidate, Yitian Li CC '08, came up to the podium with a love letter to AAA:

To the awesome honorable officers of the AAA,
I am the Yitian Li I've got something to say.
I was so excited that one of the nominees for webmaster shi wo (trans: is me)
I couldn't stop saying how cool it would be to my friend Ping Guo (trans: Apple).

However just a week ago some guy broke the web, which was so worldly and wide,
And I got a call, since I was the nearest grand wizard of electronics in sight.
They told me to come down and fixes these tubes that ran the Internet,
So I'll be leaving soon to see how those configurmarations are set.

I don't know when I'll back and fixing the web will be my new mission,
Regretfully, I have to withdraw from the running for the webmaster position.
However before I leave you on my extended vacation,
Let me share with you, some of my AAA observations.

I gotta tell ya at first I didn't what the deal is with these Asian
clubs, what's all the fuss?
That's until I went to this sweet afterparty event, called "18+ 18+ 18+".
I saw you guys talked about serious stuff too, like awareness,
identity and racial tension.
Unlike other clubs, AAA had a political committee, a blog, and a great vision.

I like that you guys buy people real food, not Domino's pizza,
Great job with putting events on for $20 dollas, thanks Aretha!
Speaking of food, what's the deal with people chowing down on a cow's member?
And they ate it twice as fast when it was mixed in a blender.

You go to some pretty cool conferences, like BASIC and ECASSU,
Though I heard there was this one guy you should stay away from, I
think his name was Vudoo?
No matter though the best conference around is NYCSSAC, or so I'm told,
Where if you're lucky, you just might wake up holding, a giant margarita bowl.

Walking around campus, it's obvious your OCMs know how to flyer.
I keep seeing this half naked asian guy, at eye level or higher.
AAA spreads the asian love around and you guys are the best.
There's nothing you can't do with a few ABC budget requests.

So thank you again for the chance to run for webmaster,
I'm sure whoever wins will build a site that's harder, better, faster, stronger.
Though for me it's time to go, to leave this giant party,
Next year, y'all better still be... ridin' dirty.


Yes, it is an inside joke. Yitian Li (fake name) is one of the former members of AAA. Good luck at Google, Yitian, and we'll miss you lots.


  1. skyxie said...

    but then I was ridin' clean
    in a washing machine...  

  2. Heiroku said...

    i'm still giving props for the pizza/Aretha rhyme. hella skillz  

  3. Nhu-Y said...



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