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Like the rest of you, I'm gaping (with anything but surprise) at the first campus character in the April/May issue of The Blue and White. If you're confused about clicking the links, just visit Calvin Sun's Facebook - his profile picture tells all (if you're still confused, see picture above; the illustrations of a Blue and White artist are unmistakable).

For the record, it's partly thanks to us at The Blaaag (and at AAA in general) that Calvin's statement on getting shit after his self-promotions (see paragraph 3, lines 2-3) is true. I will never forget, for example, the day when a girl called members of AAA "Calvin's children" (that's demeaning, did you notice?), and I proceeded to yell at Calvin with as much anger as the winter cold of Low Plaza would allow me. Not because I thought he may have planted the thought into the girl's mind, but because he did nothing to dispute it.

Oh well, this ex-chair deserves his part of a last fling with Columbia press. After '12 arrives, who knows how much of the '08 class will get brushed into the corners?


  1. Marilla said...

    Calvin, I know what you thought of this. I don't hate you, damn it.  


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