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Another day, another slur

It's been a while since we've posted any hate crime-related entries, since Columbia and Barnard are quite boring this year. My good friend Monna (and co-presenter at this weekend's NAASCon, shameless plug) forwarded an article about some homophobic and racial slurs uttered at a Macalester water polo game. The alleged targets are Bobbi Gass '10 and Jeff Yamashita '11:

At the start of the game, according to Gass, a player spoke to him, possibly in relation to the rainbow painted on his cheek saying '"Don't let [Monmouth player] number 10 guard you. He's gay.'"

Yamashita scored six of Macalester's seven goals in the team's eventual 8-7 loss. After Yamashita scored two goals in the second quarter, one Monmouth player "says to another teammate, 'fucking chink,' and the other guy smirked," Yamashita's teammate Nathan Young '11 said. "I whispered to Jeff, 'Did he really say that?' We were both shocked."


In the break between the third and fourth quarter, the Monmouth player's conduct allegedly took an even uglier turn. "The guy calls me out and says 'Hey, No. 10' and then makes a slanting-eye gesture with his hands," Yamashita said. Numerous spectators witnessed the gesture, many expressing disbelief at what they had seen.
Not only did the Monmouth coach refuse to apologize when the Macalester coach confronted him, but he also said that the Macalester players were being rude. Later, when the Monmouth players walked by, one said sarcastically, "Yeah, we're all racists."

Yamashita is currently seeking three goals: "a formal apology to himself and Macalester, changes in the Collegiate Water Polo Association's policies on racial slurs and harassment, and an effective resolution in a Monmouth racial harassment case against their player."

Sorry, Monmouth, but this isn't even remotely funny like the Spain thing. At least Spain was sort of making chink eyes out of jest. And to think that I went to your school for Yearbook camp! Disgusting.


  1. Rose bud said...

    just wanted to let you know they did not interview any of the monmouth water polo players first and foremost about this alligation, secondly, the coach of the monmouth team did not say that the players were rude in fact it was the fans, and thirdly the homophobic comment was not made.  

  2. Rose bud said...

    Also the Mac player was unable to make any type of comment to the monmouth player during the game because he was rolled from that game after the incident happened, so when the Mac player says that he tried putting it behind this was infact not true since there was no exchange of words between the two players after the 3rd or 2nd quarter, the players were not even allowed to shake hands at the end of the game  


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