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Tonight, spoken word poet Staceyann Chin will perform in Miller Theatre. Take a look below, and visit the Facebook event!

Join Staceyann Chin for a Poetry performance on October 14th. From the rousing cheers of the Nuyorican Poets' Cafe to one-woman shows Off-Broadway to poetry workshops in Denmark and London to co-writer and performer in the Tony nominated, Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, Staceyann Chin has inspired thousands to transform themselves and their communities to speak and take action in building movements to end violence.

Sponsored by:
Kappa Alpha Psi. Columbia Queer Alliance. Proud Colors. Take Back the Night. Black Students Organization. Black Theater Ensemble. Haitian Students Association. Caribbean Students Association. Latino Heritage Month Committee. Asian American Alliance. ROOTEd. Chicano Caucus. Student Organization of Latinos. LUCHA. Sigma Lambda Beta. Black Organization of Soul Sisters. Phi Iota Alpha. Delta Sigma Theta. United Students of Color Council. Reflect-Connect-Move. Spirit Of A Woman. Stop the Violence Movement. Men's Peer Education Initiative & Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center of the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Program.

**This is a free event!**

**If coming from off-campus, take the "1" train to 116th street**


  1. Marilla said...

    Which poet that we like hasn't been on Def Poetry jam?  


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