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While we are constantly (re)defining what Asian America means to us as the youth, the new generation - what's going on with our elders?

"NEW YORK – According to a survey recently published by the Asian American Coalition, poverty among elders in the United States is dropping overall, but poverty among elders in New York city is rising, from 10 percent in the 90's, to 22 percent today. The poverty ratio for Asian elders is even higher, at 29 percent. China Press cites that in 1959, the poverty ratio among elders was 35 percent in the United States. After the federal government made efforts to help elders, the number went back down to 15 percent.

This economic crisis has hit Asian Americans particularly hard. Not only are they the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S., but Asian Americans are becoming elders faster than any other group. There are currently about 90,000 Asian elders living in New York City and that number is expected to grow to 190,000 by 2020."

China Press




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