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As we descend into what is known by Blaaagers as "finals hell" once again, a writer joins our team! Meet Vivian...

Name: Vivian Chenxue (Morning Snow) Lu
School / Year: CC 2010
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Most hours you've not slept: Around 50, a combination of violent illness and a 72-hour airport-hopping period.

Favorite class next semester: "Who is Indigenous?" and "Medicine and Power in African History" and "Soccer"

Favorite subscription on Google Reader: I'm not sure how to answer this question.

Favorite racist joke: my blaaag debut was already posted below courtesy of nhu-y.

Favorite weekend haunt: Colorado or walking around NYC

Your hipster street cred on a scale of 1-10 and why: 1. i do wear flannel on occasion at home (and my sheets might even be flannel) but i credit that to being from the mountains anyway.

In your opinion, why is AAAPC the best organization ever founded on
the face of the earth, ever?
For me, AAAPC is the current campus populasian having conversasians on issues of representasian, marginalizasian, migrasian, alienasian, manipulasian, violasian, enebriasian, collaborasian, decolonizasian, approrpiasian and socializasian of APAs to move collectively through educasian towards liberasian and a (re)creasian of Asian Pacific America for generasians to come.

How do you feel being the only Blaaager not doing APAAM next semester?
I'll take my Asian American "Awareness" jokes down a notch.

What your likely three next posts on The Blaaag will be about:
1. How politics/current events outside of the US disproportionately affects government/society's view of Asian Americans and what this says about our racialized position.
2. Exorcisms
3. "Pan-Asian"


  1. Heiroku said...

    speaking of finals hell, is this the untimely death of the party room?  

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