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Just thought about this, especially since I just realized that I'm the only regular contributor who reps Millie the dancing Barnard bear pride. Our friend Saffiyah Madraswala BC '09 recently started an initiative to make Ethnic Studies a more feasible reality at Barnard. She's been organizing weekly meetings, and a small group of students discuss issues surrounding Ethnic Studies and discuss academic articles.

In other cool APA Barnardian news, Katie Wang BC '10 and Joanne Lin BC '09 have been heading a relatively new committee called Society of Asian American Sisters (SAAS - we know, it sounds like BOSS) where APA women on Barnard and Columbia's campuses conjoin to talk about the intersecting issues of race and gender. There are sometimes also funny, awkward film screenings, like the one where we got together at David and Nhu-Y's suite and watched Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, which was completely in Chinese so Nhu-Y felt marginalized (even though it was subtitled).

Both these initiatives started in the Fall '08 semester, and both are started by really cool awesome Barnard APA women whom I'm proud to mingle and work with.



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