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This is one that we don't get to hear about very often. Mickey Rourke, that washed up actor from the '80s who has semi-revived his career with Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, was outed by TMZ yesterday. In a post titled "Dim Sumofa Bitch -- Rourke takes a shot as Asians", TMZ writes:

It wasn't just politically incorrect -- things got downright offensive last night when Mickey Rourke told a fan whose camera wasn't clicking, "You're Asian, you're supposed to be able to take pictures."
So I'm a little ashamed to say that I have a lot of double standards, but who doesn't, so whatever. I think (or know) that I have a double standard, maybe because yesterday Tina's comment didn't bother me so much as amuse me, yet Mickey Rourke's comment kind of annoys me. Maybe it's because I think that Mickey Rourke is sort of not worth covering or speaking about, and Tina has actually done something funny with the issue of racial typecasting. Plus, Tina's a woman and she's pulled off the feat of having every guy love her without being Paris Hilton who shoves pineapples up her v-j. Mickey Rourke probably hasn't thought much about race, he's already made the mistake of offending another community (the gay community), he's dating a twelve year old (Evan Rachel Wood), and up until a few months ago nobody cared about what he says. So maybe I'm more pissed that TMZ thinks that Mickey Rourke is worth me getting offended over! Shut up, TMZ.

(Thanks for the tip, Calvin)



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