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Racism lives on in Boulder

In the vein of last year's Max Karson incident, Vent Magazine sent a Facebook message about a new bout of racism that occurred in Boulder, Colorado:

A 22-year-old Asian-American was repeatedly punched in the face early today in Boulder and forced to say "I love America," Boulder police reported.

That attack and a reported sexual assault led to condemnations from both university and city officials.

The Asian-American victim told investigators that he was walking in the area of 10th and Marine streets with friends about 1 a.m., singing a song from the movie "Team America." He said they were confronted by four men.

One of the men — described as being a blond white male about 19 or 20 — said, "Do you think you are an American?" called him a "Chinaman," punched him in the face "multiple times" and told him to say that he loved America, police said.

This is so sad. I love Team America, so I'm almost positive that the song the attackers were singing is "America! Fuck Yeah!". But the movie is a satire of American politics, and the song is meant to be ironic. What is it with people not understanding comedy and turning it into something ugly and sad instead?



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