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This in from RaceWire and Hyphen Blog - Asianweek fired all its employees and released its last paper edition on Friday, which means that it may become an online publication instead (that is, if its editor and publisher Ted Fang allows). This turn of events has something to do with - surprise - the dwindling economy (no thanks to guys like Madoff). Not really shocking, since even bigshot publications like The New York Times are changing its layout for the sake of financing, and everything is going digital anyway. With all due respect to our friends at smaller publications like Vent Mag, I think that people over at smaller, faltering paper publications should do as many have done and start up a professional blog. Instant gratification (sadly) is the message I'm getting about what people want in 2009.


  1. lora said...

    not that i was ever a fan of asian week, but i'm so sad to see the decline of print journalism! every conde nast publication this month was super thin too. and it made me so sad/angry when us weekly first began putting ads on the front page, whyyyy NYT WHY DID YOU DOWNSIZE AND AD ADDS, WHY. yeah, yeah, i know, mass online media is the way of the future. but there's something so fulfilling and wonderful about going through copy and getting published. and i can't help but think that what we read in print impacts readers more. it's not as transient as the clips and sound bites we get online/from our rss feeds. ugh, and yes i know its not environmentally friendly. gosh, i can't cope. MARILLA I CANT DEAL WITH CHANGE. its the end of an era. quick, get me a kindle!

    anyway miss you, yay for blogging overseas.  


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