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As Nhu-Y says, "looks like a good opportunity if you want to be in DC, work for progressive causes... and be paid!"

On the heels of an historic election, in which young people organized, got involved and voted in record numbers, we're excited about a critical opportunity to build on this momentum and activate a new generation of progressive leaders.

CPL's New Leaders Program connects talented and diverse youth to paid positions at leading progressive organizations and provides training, mentorship, coaching, and networking to help jump start life-long careers in progressive politics.

Each summer, CPL's New Leaders Internship Program brings 50 passionate young people from underrepresented communities to Washington DC for paid, on-the-job experience in a top progressive organization, as well as leadership training, coaching, networking and community building.

CPL's New Leaders Program is looking for young people who have demonstrated their passion for progressive change and are interested in a paid summer internship in Washington, D.C.

Learn more about the 2009 CPL New Leaders Internship

"What I appreciated the most about interning as a CPL New Leader is that it has opened doors that would otherwise be closed to Washington 'outsiders.' I will be forever grateful to CPL for giving me a chance to pursue meaningful work that will lay the foundation for a successful career in social justice work."

- Kesia Brown, 2007 New Leaders Intern and now full-time staff at National Partnership for Women and Families

And if you are a recent graduate or no longer in school, we also offer a training program for young leaders starting or seeking full-time, entry-level positions with progressive organizations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

Read about the 2009 CPL New Leaders Program in OH, PA and DC

Help us maintain the momentum for change in this country by identifying, training and supporting the next generation of progressive leaders.

Applications are open for the 2009 CPL New Leaders Internship

If you know a passionate young leader who is committed to progressive change and wants to start a career in politics, then nominate them today!



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