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What is going on? I just walked down Broadway and saw a few workers (presumably delivery guys) holding signs that said things like "Workers Demand Justice" and "Shame on Yue Wang".

Update: According to Bwog:

A small cadre of protesters amassed outside Vine Sushi this afternoon, holding up signs and offering handouts to passerby.

When asked why they were protesting, they explained that they were former Tomo employees. Their claim is that, after trying to unionize, Tsu Yue Wang, who owns Ollie's, Tomo and Vine, shut down Tomo in retaliation.

The protesters wanted their jobs back and the right to unionize, as well as an increase in their pay, which they claim was under two dollars an hour. When called, a Vine representative said they could not comment since the manager was not in.



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