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This Friday, May 1st, (sadly) marks the end of Columbia's celebration of APAAM 2009. The closing ceremonies will be held on the Barnard College quad at 7pm. (The rain location is Lewis Parlor.) Dinner will be served, and featured artists include El Gambina, Danny Katz, Kevin Nadal, and John Flor-Sisante. Photo contest winners will also be announced. (There was a photo contest?!)

Anyways, it's been real, folks. APAAM 2009 has featured many interesting discussions and wonderful collaborative events, so congrats APAAM board! My personal faves were "Who is Asian American?" and the screening of Corinne Manabat's Excuse My Gangsta Ways. Hope everyone had fun!


  1. zombymush said...

    "Who is Asian American" was one of my favorite too! It was great. I had some pad thai that night, with white rice, some chicken and broccoli. During the Screening of Vincent Chin, we also had some white rice and some chicken. I believe it was from lemongrass. During the closing ceremony, we had rotisseri from Texas. Chicken. I liked the salad.  

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