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The Hmong American Writers’ Circle (HAWC) in association with Heyday Books will publish an anthology of literary writing focused on the Hmong American experience, specifically on the connection to the Central Valley, its land and people. A section of the anthology will include original artwork/photography.

April 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009

• Topics: experiences involving Hmong/Hmong Americans in the Central Valley
• Accepted genres: poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, plays
• Format: Microsoft Word, size 12, Times New Roman font (should you be sending pieces that require you to vary sizes and font styles, please email your concerns prior to submitting, to:
• Previously published pieces accepted (please ensure you have rights to reprint)
• Simultaneous submissions accepted
• Publication in this anthology is not limited to only Hmong American writers
• Pieces written in Hmong accompanied with an English translation are welcomed

• Submissions in multiple genres welcomed
• 3-5 poems, 1-3 pieces of fiction, 1-3 pieces of creative non-fiction, or 1-3 plays
• Only email submissions accepted, please send your submissions to: HawcSubmissions@gmail.com
• Include a cover letter discussing your background (include any experiences as or with Hmong/Hmong Americans in the Central Valley), and literary accomplishments or publication (if applicable); cover letters should include name, address, phone number and email

Contact Information: HawcSubmissions@gmail.com



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