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This will be part of a series, and will probably not end as long as the blogosphere exists.

Let me direct you to this comment on the Bwog. It doesn't matter the article it appeared under.

An (asian) student had an open container outside Broadway. NYPD rolled by, had a discussion with student, discussion became heated, student was handcuffed aggressively and thrown onto the ground, crowd assembled, NYPD officers called for backup to deal with crowd, several cars arrived, officers emerged to keep crowd away, lots of yelling, several racist comments were made by police (personal favorite: "had too much sake tonight?) Spectator was informed last night but has remained strangely silent on the issue.
As for the racist comment, I'm a little unclear how you heard this comment, since the cops were keeping people away. Regardless, prior to the arrest it is doubtful profiling occurred. Perhaps somewhere in New York City cops profile against Asians, but I would bet in the majority of asian-NYPD relations, racism works in Asians' favor, and ignorant cops assume that Asians are going about their gentle Buddha-tofu-meditation authority-loving business. Doesn't excuse the potential racism, but hey, are we really surprised at this point that the chaps with guns are willing to crack some skulls and make racist remarks? Well we shouldn't be.

If you want to be outraged at authority, that's cool, or if you want to be outraged at racism, that's cool. Hell, if you want to be enraged at both at the same time, that's cool too. But I would suggest not getting authoritarian tactics and racism mixed up in your own mind since it allows you two modes of completely separate arguments against the cops. Although both the abuse of authority and racism may have been displayed simultaneously, the phenomena are not intrinsically related since white cops will bust rich white boy heads from time to time. Just a helpful hint in case you ever have to go to trial with it.

All of this is pretty interesting (and pretty racist!) commentary on race relations in law enforcement, but to boot...

Dude, the only legitimate claim Asians can have of being discriminated against is by Columbia admissions.

Thanks a lot. As for the police incident, AAA will investigate...

We still contend, however, that racism escapes no one. Not the educated, not the worldly, not the intelligent, not the Ivy-Leaguer, not the New Yorker, not the person of color ... it goes on. Bwog comments get pretty ridiculous anyway, but here we still see real products of human thought. Keep that in mind.


  1. Anonymous said...

    how about investigating by asking the guy involved instead of hearsay? and it might be prudent to not send emails about the incident without contacting the guy first (especially with his personal information), either. have some common sense, please.  

  2. David said...

    The point of this post wasn't to spread around versions of a rumored story, but to point out the racism in the comments on a blog post.

    In regards to prudence, this is an issue of haste on our part that we are working out this very moment...  

  3. Marilla said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Marilla said...

    Dear Anonymous:

    Whoever it was that disclosed this personal information to you about the student involved, we sincerely apologize. As private as we try to keep our listserv e-mails, there are things that slip out of cracks (or are just outright told to the masses).

    Please be aware that AAA has been doing as much as it can to get to the bottom of this issue. I does not in anny shape or form mean that we are holding back from taking action. If you think we are slacking - be advised that there are some members of the board who have been communicating back and forth nonstop and contacing outside sources to find eye witnesses.  

  5. Anonymous said...


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