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Thanks to a link which AAA's Chair from two years ago e-mailed (to undisclosed recipients), here's a NYT article covering the benefits of Healthy San Fransico, "a new program that offers free or subsidized health care to all 82,000 San Francisco adults without insurance." Needless to say, this will help immigrants a huge lot.

Here are some excerpts:

The initiative, known as Healthy San Francisco, is the first effort by a locality to guarantee care to all of its uninsured, and it represents the latest attempt by state and local governments to patch a inadequate federal system.

After a phased start-up, the city plans to bring private medical networks into the program next year, expanding the choice of doctors. Until November, enrollment will be limited to those living below the federal poverty line ($10,210 for a single person; $20,650 for a family of four). Then it will open to any resident who has been uninsured for at least 90 days, regardless of income or immigration status.

"Only in the Bay. God damn."

Hell, yeah.



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