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Interviews: Live Updates

Interviews for OCMs (Organizational Committee Members) are today. What does this mean? Over twelve hours of meeting people and hearing interesting observations/insight about our club. The following is a live feed of the what is occurring inside the interview room - starting at 10:00 am.

Note: Guys and gals, please know the following before you come in:

  • Purpose of AAA
  • Difference between AAA and other cultural groups.
Note: PiC stands for partners in crime. The essence is that Marilla and I are criminals (not an inside joke).

Feed by Marilla (PiC2) and David (PiC1).

10:45 am
"I'm very oriental."

10:50 am
PiC2 & all of the female board members: HOT ENGLISH ACCENT

11:07 am
Someone from South Carolina

11:20 am
PiC1: AGH.

11:20 am
(Talking about tuition)
"I'm paying a lot... it's really a shit lot."

11:48 am
(In response to the tsunami event)
"I've never encountered something like this before."

11:56 am
PiC2: still annoyed?
PiC2: (are you hungover at all?)
PiC1: a little
PiC1: i want to see the good people

12:10 pm
Board members bitch and moan and yell at each other

12:50 pm
An interest in human rights helps :)

1:15 pm
Board members argue about interview questions. (Written / Spoken answers, etc etc.)

"I really don't think that people feel like they're being judged [properly?] with these questions."

1:16 pm
PiC1: what an improvement

1:30 pm
Board interviews improve drastically

1:42 pm
(Chair pulls out camera; interviewee throws up "V" pose and bares teeth)
Board: "Put up a normal pose!"
Interviewee: "Oh. (Sits awkwardly)"
Board: "Now put up a scared pose!"

[Auto Response from PiC2 (1:48:23 PM): Board interviews]

1:50 pm
Secretary reads a written application out loud.
Chair comments that answers are bad.
Board discovers that application is a fake crafted by last year's Treasurer. (See: The Fake)

2:20 pm
(Response to the Hot97 "Tsunami Song" lyrics)
"Well, it says 'chinks' here... I think that's kind of racist... I feel bad for the African orphans. Won't they not have parents and stuff?"

3:33 pm
Interviewees reach new highs (and new lows).

3:45 pm
Wow. New lows: "Asians are academically competitive... and I guess we're seclusive because of our culture, but that's okay." Board member writes, I never knew there was really a wrong answer.

4:00 pm
Eating sushi, various comments: "Some of these people were worse than Britney Spears at the VMAs." We are, however, quite loving at times. Don't let this fool you.

4:15 pm
We throw cookie boxes across the room and decide that we've been in this room for too long.

4:45 pm
AAA begins to crack.

5:01 pm
Answering a question about stress and organization of priorities, "... I should be honest?" Same person, "If no one comes to my events, I'll personally threaten my friends." After seven hours for us, not at all a bad answer.

5:24 pm
PiC2: how are you
PiC1: ... i almost don't want to talk about being too bummed out to talk about being too bummed out
PiC1: did i just write that
PiC2: lol
PiC2: yes you did
PiC2: you should be sleeping
PiC1: dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddsjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

5:37 pm
(Secretary asks the "What's your favorite candy?" question)
Interviewee (after answering Mango Altoid Sours): Um, that was a really scary question; I thought that there was some subliminal message in there.
Social Chair: Actually, now you have to compare each one of us to a Mango Altoid Sour.

5:40 pm
Webmaster manages to offend Marilla a second time.

6:15 pm
Chair: "Last question... what's your favorite Leslie Feist song?"

6:30-6:50 pm
Some members of the board leave. BC Vice-Chair cleans up the room and pushes Lerner's ugly black leather couches around. Yang Liu arrives and questions our remaining sanity.

We pare down the final few candidates; screams of "NOOOO" echo throughout the room.

PiC2: yeah i want to go home and sleep
PiC1: i want to die

7:04 pm
(Interviewee reading the tsunami lyrics)
"This is really mean! This is not nice!"

7:05 pm
(David preparing to ask the candy question)
"We kind of take a sadistic pleasure in asking this."

7:12 pm
Calvin: "Last year we were like, passing around notes and looking at each other every other interview! This year, I... I just... I just want to graduate!"

7:30 pm
David seriously, seriously throws a pillow at the wall. Our CC/SEAS Chair brings tea.

7:30 - 8:15 pm
The board compares Britney then (pre-pregnancy/grossness) to now. Then we look at Madonna, who's loads hotter.

(While watching Britney's VMA performance)
"Wow, who wouldn't want that mother-of-two ass?" David, clearly, has reach a point of insanity.

9:35 pm
We're with our last interviewee, yet the madness remains...

The candy question, version 129312097412093812098
(note: each line represents a separate board member's input)
You're walking down the street. It's very dark. You're all alone.
In your pocket, you only have... chapstick and a dollar.
Suddenly, it begins to rain and the only store that's open is Duane Reade, so you walk in.
Suddenly you realize that you're starving. You are dripping everywhere.
Your blood sugar is dropping rapidly. You suddenly you realize that you still have that dollar
and you need a sugar fix. Which candy bar would you buy?

9:44 pm

Now, for the cold, senseless judgment.

11:45 pm
Cold, senseless judgment has ended. I doubt many people have the energy to party this Friday night. (What a sad, sad situation.)


  1. Nhu-Y said...

    there are no words.  

  2. Heiroku said...

    i second nhu-y's opinion. though try not to repeat what happened last year--after the half-day of interviews, we ended up in Lerner til 2am making that ridiculous banner of disney characters that was hanging in my EC suite last year.

    (will AAAPC be getting newborns anytime soon??)  

  3. corinne said...

    ..... do midterms count here?  

  4. skyxie said...

    Ready to have babies already Ryan?

    I'm going to be a great-grandfather! (That's how it works right?)  

  5. Marilla said...

    ryan is SO ready to pull you-know-who in. he wants progeny and he wants it NOW.  

  6. corinne said...

    drew: did you look at the movie trailer yet?
    me: nope. still in interviews.
    drew: wtf?
    drew: why?!
    drew: when do you go pee?!  


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