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The end of midterms

No, it's not too late to say so -- I just finished my third essay in two days. I also swore not to go near another computer again; but that obviously didn't happen.

March is ending and April is fast approaching, which means that the Blaaagers will be busy busy busy. Here are some events organized by AAA (with other groups) to look out for:

  • Sun 4/6, 9 AM - James Room, Barnard Hall
    Chinese Adopted Siblings Program for Youth (CASPY)

    An all-day program designed to let Chinese youth adopted by non-Chinese families to get back in touch with their heritage. There will be counselors, food, and performances from various Asian performing groups on campus (Lion Dance, Chinese yo-yo, etc).
    Collaborator: Taiwanese American Students Association (TASA).
    Director: David (AAA Community Chair) and Janice Liu (TASA Community Chair)
    Information: www.columbia.edu/cu/tasa/caspy

  • Sat 4/12, 9:30 AM - Kimmel Center, NYU
    New York City Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC)

    A kick ass, day long, FREE conference featuring Dennis Chin as Keynote Speaker and over thirty APA activists, artists, entertainers, academics, and entrepreneurs as panelists / workshop leaders / entertainers. Our list of fame includes: John C. Liu, Heather Park, Timothy Huang, Gary Okihiro, and Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man). This year's theme is Redefine.
    Collaborators: CU APAAM, CRAASH (CUNY Hunter), CUNY Baruch, Fordham University, and NYU AHM.
    Co-Directors: Francis Bermisa (NYU), Agnes Chung (NYU), Nhu-Y, and myself
    Information: www.nycaasc.om

  • Fri 4/18, 8 PM - Roone Arledge Auditorium, Alfred Lerner Hall

    Our yearly "variety" show, known for its relatively low price tickets and brilliant off-campus acts (admittedly, the argument of whether our show is really "cultural" or not drags on forever). This year's performances include: Raw Elementz, Lion Dance, Stone Forest Ensemble (Jie-Song!), Magnetic North (Hip-Hop/R&B duo of "Drift Away" fame), and more. This year's theme is Exposure. Look out for racy advertisements.
    Director: Laura Chin (AAA Social Chair)
    Information: www.aaacolumbia.org
Stay tuned for more updates, and congrats on surviving the week!



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