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In response to our outcry against the CU Boulder column, The Blaaag and the AAA listserv received a very warm email from a certain Chris Dahmen. The letter is printed below for your reading pleasure, spelling/grammatical errors, ignorance, hate and all.

I am a student at the University of Minnesota. I want to say that the criticism of Asian culture that Max Karson articulated is entirely valid from my personal experience, things I've read, and things I've heard from others. I have lived in Hawaii for 5 years which is 80 percent Asian. I have also lived in China for three months and Taiwan for seven months and I am almost fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Studying at the University of Hawaii taught me many valuable lessons about multiculturalism and diversity; especially Asian diversity, namely, it doesn't work. In case you like most Americans are too small minded to know even the first thing about non-western culture or their ideology, let me tell you that we are the only one's in the world who really believe in Multi-culturalism. No-one else really does. In fact, it's a stereotype in Asia that Westerners are naieve and too open. I know personally that Asians do not respect Western civ. traditions, culture, or ethic. They come here for self interest and stay for identity politics, not because they love our culture so much. I find it hilarious that so many Americans see Asians display a superficial showing of politeness that is paper thin and they believe unequivocally that Asian culture is equal to Western civilization. Furthermore, they have no tradition of debate in their culture. This fact I believe is the central reason why they have not achieved a more progressive society like we have and continue to have which is a unique expression of our culture that has nothing to do with Asians. Lastly, Asians are more racist than anyone I have ever seen or heard of in the entire world during any time period, and that includes whites. Whites wake up and smell the coffee before its too late.



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