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If you're sitting at home (in the NYC area) with nothing to do on a Sunday evening, take a trek down to the Bowery Poetry Club and check out some amazing APA artists at Sulu Series (of George Takei / Star Trek fame):
Hosted by Regie Cabico, curated by Artistic Director Taiyo Na, with music by resident crowd mover DJ Boo, and brought to you by the Sulu Artist Network, the Sulu Series, named after Sulu of Star Trek - the first Asian American character to venture into unknown galactic quadrants - and a remote island in the Philippines, features Asian American performers in music, spoken word, video and multidisciplinary performances from the local and national scenes.
Sulu Series begins at 9 PM. Tickets are $8 reg price, $5 student discount.

David, Nhu-Y, and I will be there, along with some NYCAASC-ers (say hello!).


The Aftermath

Well, it was awkward to sit in the second row with a pencil and paper at hand (especially when I got up with the rest of the audience and "danced"); but at least I got good notes!

For some reason, Regie Cabico didn't show; but Taiyo held his own by telling personal stories of each artist before they came on the stage ("When I first met Magnetic North, I was like, 'Man, who are these kids?' Then I heard them perform and knew why they're so big -- they put such heart into the mic.").

Here's the lineup (with the songs that I wrote down):
If anyone was there and remembers songs, please comment and let us know!


  1. DLUXTHELIGHTblog said...

    Best of luck to you and this event! I'm not in the NYC area ( I wish I was) but if I was I would patronize your spot.

    Keep doing your thang!

    Do you only list events for the NYC?  


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