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Per an e-mail exchange between AAA:

I'm currently sitting in my Lit Hum class, watching people pass around our postcard. YES.

Um, someone just knocked on my door, pointed to the poster that I put in our hallway, and asked, "Who is that?"


Today a crazy grad student approached people who were tabling for NYCAASC and told them that our CultureSHOCK campaign is pornography. She also went on to claim that Columbia University is conservative ("although you undergrads wouldn't think so") and said that she is going to talk about her negative reactions to the postcard in a presentation of campus posters (she also picked up KSA Surge & some other stuff).

I nearly went ape shit on her, which is a surprise, given that I'm the type to sit on the sidelines. It was probably the fatigue. Anyway, everyone that I've talked to so far agrees that she's crazy, but I def got concerned for five sleep-deprived minutes. Funny story though.

Oh I forgot the clincher. Apparently she thinks the campaign's extra bad because we're "Asian, and Asians are supposed to be conservative"!

Well, I don't deny that her observation is partially grounded in truth, but her choosing to tell AAA and its affiliates is, well, a little bit hilarious. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Maybe she's the one who's been taking down our posters, besides increasing the racist quotient on campus by 9999%.
And I swear that I saw two girls taking camera phone pics in Hamilton Hall.



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