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Remember Bataan - A Vigil and Commemoration

Regino Barreda, a Filipino World War II veteran living in Virginia Beach, in Washington for a hearing with the Senate's Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

In 1941, 200,000 Filipino soldiers were inducted into the US Armed Forces during WWII.

On April 9th, 1942, Bataan was surrendered, and over 10,000 Filipino and American soldiers died during the Bataan Death March.

In 1946, the Rescission Act stripped Filipino soldiers of their veterans' status (deeming their service "inactive").

Today, less than 20,000 of these soldiers remain.

We are calling for their recognition and full equity. Please join us.

Tuesday, April 8th at 9:30pm @ the Sundial

(Yeah, we know, it passed. Members from Liga Filipina and AAA PC were present to take part in and listen to: speeches by various Fil-Am group members, a circle of arm-linking, moments of silence, and lots of spilled candle wax)

Stay tuned for more detailed posts by organizer/PC member Saffiyah Madraswala and attendee / AAA OCM Lizzie Shen. (Update 4-9-08: read their posts here)



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