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The Blaaag has yet to write anything about the tragic death of 24-year old international graduate student Minghui Yu, but we feel there's not much to say. As our condolences go out to the family and friends of this guy, we see other international students about campus supporting one another in the recognition that community is the one thing they need to confront such a reality.

We see a heightened alertness in students all across campus, in our classes and commuting between buildings. But most of all, we hear the quiet murmurs about possible intentions of the attack. According to the NYT, a lawyer for the city vaguely called it "predatory in nature" but did not elaborate. The Daily News and Gothamist quoted the boy arrested to have said, "Look what I do to this one," before chasing him. Yu was found with his backpack and wallet, an indication that this altercation was not a robbery.

And so, AAA and its Political Committee struggles to ponder this incident and connect it to the other incidences of anti-Asian violence we have seen. The recent memories of a student attacked at Brooklyn's David Boody Intermediate School ring loudly now. In this month of awareness and community building, we seek to build discussion around this topic, perhaps collaboratively with other student organizations. Please stay tuned for such events.

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