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Columbia's AAA was recently contacted by an organization also called "Asian American Alliance." We checked out their website, and they seem pretty legit. Click on the link above to check it out for yourself!

The site provides some helpful information and links about various APA issues. Take a look, in particular, at the articles in the column to the left. Although articles contain a lot of fluff, they include some hard facts too.

Their mission statement is: "Asian American Alliance is an organization dedicated to informing and advising Asian Americans on their way to American Dream. We provide news and helpful information on business issues, politics, government immigration laws, social security laws, real estate, education and scholarship information. We inform Asian Americans about the community issues, health insurances and organizations that assist in resolving them."

So, in short, give it a look-see!


  1. Marilla said...

    It's better than this: http://www.aaa-moving.com/

    Yay on first posts!  


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