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Found this article in the midst of the research for my thesis, from the Chinese-American Times in 1969. What I do know--the Asian American Political Alliance was founded in early 1969 by the Asian American members of the predominantly-white Students for a Democratic Society, which played a formative role in the 1968 campus takeover. Its most prominent member was Chris Iijima, the subject of this documentary. It adapted its namesake from the UC Berkeley and San Francisco State chapters, which were involved in the Third World Liberation Front to achieve ethnic studies on their respective campuses. The Berkeley branch also holds the distinction of being the first-ever documented use of the term "Asian American," and having Richard Aoki (RIP) as one of its founding members.


New York - A new group, the Asian American Political Alliance, is seeking to expand its membership and activities in the Eastern US.

With a roster of 30 members of Japanese, Chinese and Korean ancestry, the AAPA invites interested persons to contact them at: Haskell Hall (Columbia University), 605 W. 115th St., NYC.

Among its purposes:
  • The establishment of an Asian-American studies program.
  • The establishment of a college preparatory program for Asians in secondary schools.
  • To give on-campus Asians a political voice.
  • To unite with Black and Latin-American students to form a Third World Alliance.
  • To Cooperate with community groups in solving problems common to Asian-Americans.
An AAPA spokesman points out that this group is not affiliated with the Students for Democratic Action.
Wonder if AAA knew about this group when they came up with their name--it's awfully similar.


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