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Holy crap! According to NYTimes' blog City Room, Tsue Yue Wang (owner of eight restaurants) has been ordered to pay $8.3 million to workers due to labor and wages mistreatment:

The owner, Tsu Yue Wang, also agreed to allow the Labor Department’s staff to conduct seminars at the restaurants to educate the workers, who are mostly Chinese, about their rights under state labor law. The settlement is the culmination an investigation that began in 2006.

The settlement covered three restaurants named Ollie’s Noodle Shop and Grill, and five others: Ollie’s, Ollie’s Brasserie/Mainland, Japanese Restaurant, Chao Zhou Restaurant and Central Kitchen. (A ninth restaurant in the investigation, Ollie’s Noodle Shop at 200 West 44th Street, near Broadway, has since closed.)

During the investigation, the Labor Department found that one additional restaurant, Tomo, owed 100 workers about $1 million. Mr. Wang claimed he had no affiliation with Tomo, which has since closed, but corporate documents suggested otherwise, and the Labor Department is continuing to try to recoup those wages.
Just because this is amazing, I'm going to bring back that picture of students occupying and protesting Saigon Grill:

It's amazing how far this has come... from protests to settlements. Yeah!



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