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Dear all,

Apply for the 2009-2010 Columbia Political Review editorial board! Applications are due next Monday, April 27, at 11:59 PM.

The magazine is looking to fill the following positions on next year's staff:
- 2-3 managing editors*
- 6-7 senior editors*
- 2 business managers

- 6-7 campus editors*
- 2-3 copy editor*
- 1-2 art editor(s)
- 3-4 fact-checkers
- 1-2 layout editor(s)
- 1 web editor

Catherine Chong and Alex Frouman were elected last week as Columbia Political Review editor-in-chief and publisher, respectively.

The managing editor, senior editor, and business manager positions require interviews, which are tentatively scheduled for May 5 and 6.

You do not need to have had previous involvement with the CPR to apply for a position on the editorial board. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about the given positions after reading the descriptions below.

The following is due by Monday, April 27 at 11:59 PM to karen.hl.leung@gmail.com:

There are three parts to the application: your (1) proposal, (2) resume, and (3) one writing sample (only if your position is starred) or sample web design (only if you are applying for web editor). Please put your (1) name, (2) phone number, (3) e-mail address, (4) class, (5) major, (6) school, and (7) which position(s) you would like to run for at the top of the application. You can apply for more than one job.

The proposal should include a little about yourself and why you’re qualified for your chosen position. This part of the application should mostly focus on what you'd like to see the magazine emphasize, as well as any changes you would make. The proposal should be no more than one single-spaced page.

If you are applying for positions that are starred, also attach a resume and one writing sample (no more than 6-7 pages).

A few suggestions:

Potential managing editors should discuss how they approach editing on the level of argument and style, and how they would handle editing an entire magazine's worth of content.

Potential senior editors should discuss how they would work with writers and handle the day-to-day editing process.

Potential business managers should discuss the administrative and business aspects of the magazine (advertising revenue, changes that would affect the budget, etc.). Business managers are also responsible for coordinating the responsibilities of the campus editors, as well as event planning.

Potential campus editors should discuss how they would communicate with student groups, recruit writers, and generate story ideas for the magazine.
Your application does not need to be long, but it should contain as much insight into the desired position as possible. Current staff members must submit the same application as non-staff applicants, and should specify which position they would like to run for.

Let me know if you have any questions. Past issues can be downloaded at cpreview.org - these might serve as inspiration. Good luck!

Karen Leung
outgoing editor-in-chief, CPR


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