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If you haven't seen it already, there is a flyer circulating Columbia's campus, created and distributed by the Clear Party in lieu of CCSC elections. Read further for an image and some of the e-mails that have been circulating in response to this flyer:

Hey lovely people,

Some of you might have found out about this already, but there's a flyer for the student council campaign of the clear party that reads "Two Asian girls at the same time". Since finding out about it from eagle eye Vivian, I've gotten increasingly irritated.

So far, a few people have contacted this group about the issue of this flyer. I was talking to Sam Stanton, and she thinks it's a ripe time to get CCSC to mandate some type of anti-oppression training for all its members, or as many as possible. Something could be done with the elections board as well. (This comes out of the fact that somehow, someone involved with CCSC didn't get the fact that this flyer was offensive.) Nhu-Y says we should involve the administration, ppl the councils look up to. All things to talk about...

I suggested to Sam that we use the time right before the APAAM meeting on Wednesday to discuss things to do. So, 10pm, Lerner 5th floor? What do people think? Hopefully something worth pulling off before the end of the year?

If you haven't seen it, it's hanging in Hamilton right now between floors 5 and 6 in the west staircase I think.



Hello folks,
I am e-mailing you guys to express my deep concern over a flyer from your party that I saw in Hamilton. I noticed a flyer that said "Two Asian Girls At The Same Time". I understand that you guys must have thought that was funny, but it is really upsetting. Not only is it a play off of a racist fetishization of Asian women that directly corresponds with the effeminization and invisibility of Asian men, as well as American imperialism, but it is also a heterosexist and patriarchal male fantasy that has contributed to the invisibility of Queer women. As a Queer woman of color I find this deeply offensive.
I wanted to e-mail you guys before I took any other actions, so that this issue could be resolved with maturity and expediency. I am asking that you please take down all of those flyers immediately. I also think it would be appropriate to release an apology. Please let me know what you decide to do as soon as possible.
Thank you
Samantha Stanton
Columbia College, Class of 2009


  1. Calvin/soho said...

    Lena called me last night to talk about it and she was very humbled by what happened; the Clear Party realized their mistake and took all the flyers down.

    That said, I agree that there needs to be some training involved because I'm surprised that this shit got passed the Elections Board Flyer Approval & Review stamping session.  

  2. David said...

    i'll say this here and say it again...

    sam stanton = meaning of an ally  

  3. Marilla said...

    The Blaaag <3 Sam Stanton

  4. Karen Leung said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Nhu-Y said...

    so disappointing considering members of the ticket and their experiences on campus.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    wait, the CLEAR party with lena fan? hasn't she been on AAA for three years and APAAM for at least two?

    wow. FAIL.  

  7. Marilla said...


    Yes, Lena Fan is a member of the Clear Party. And yes, she has been actively involved in AAA, APAAM, CASPY, and CSC.  


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