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CMI is a program that fosters mentoring relationships between historically underrepresented first year students (Latino, Native American, Asian/Asian American, Black/African American, LGBTQ, and international), upperclassmen, and alumni.

Apply to become a Peer Advisor and help first year students with the transition to college life! Also, receive an Alumni Mentor to guide you in your post-graduate aspirations.

Peer Advisor Responsibilities

* Serve as academic and social guide to first year students
* Connect first year students and alumni when appropriate
* Seek out alumni mentor when in need of professional guidance
* Attend CMI community functions
* Attend identity based Family Tree functions
* Be friendly and connect with fellow CMI members
* Commit for one full academic year

If you are interested, please contact Marta Esquilin (mee2009@columbia.edu) for an application! Our application deadline: April 24th, 2009


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