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If you recall last year's Sounds of China fiasco, then you already know that Eddie Kang and I made fools of ourselves singing Britney Spears' "Toxic" in front of a famous record producer (something ridiculous like that). Clearly, Sounds of China does not have the same idea as we do when it comes to singing karaoke in public. In fact, K-Squared "Karaoke Klash", which starts at Lerner Party Space tomorrow at 7 PM, will probably be more of an Asian American Idol where one gets more points by singing songs that we don't entirely understand or like, but are popular overseas. Anyway. Annie Tan and our beloved new writer Kevin Zhai are slated to perform on behalf of AAA, and word is that they're not singing "Tong Hua"! Thank goodness. Go and get your support on.



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