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CAPAL (Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership) Internships!


CAPAL will also partner with four federal government agencies to award eight paid internships to APA college and graduate students. Each intern will be assigned mentors and will receive a $2,000 stipend. Two interns will be placed at each of the following agencies:Applications are due April 3, 2009. Click below to download the application form and instructions.

Click [here] for the 2009 CAPAL Internship Application in PDF form

Click [here] for the 2009 CAPAL Internship Application in Word form

Check out the site here.


  1. Marilla said...

    david, what's going on w the formatting in this post?  

  2. David said...

    iunno... too lazy to find out  

  3. Marilla said...

    Fixed. Thanks, self-induced compulsion!  


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