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The Columbia East Asia Review (CEAR), a Columbia undergraduate
academic publication entering its third year, is looking for an
Editor-in-Chief for the 2009-2010 year! Please see below for more

The Columbia East Asia Review (CEAR) is an annual online and print,
peer-review academic journal dedicated to furthering knowledge of East
Asia through the promotion of research and interdisciplinary dialogue.
CEAR has three primary goals: first, to publish superior undergraduate
research of East Asia; second, to educate undergraduate contributors
and CEAR members about the academic publication process; and third, to
foster interest and idea exchange in the field of East Asian Studies.

In its second year, CEAR received over 100 submissions by
undergraduate students from three continents. In addition, its
substantial fundraising accomplishments allowed it to publish articles
online as well as in print. This year, CEAR was sponsored by more than
17 on-campus institutes and organizations. The Spring 2009 edition of
the Columbia East Asia Review will be launched on Friday, April 24,
2009 both in print and on our website, www.eastasiareview.org.

Position Opening: Editor-in-Chief, '09-‘10

- Coordinate the day-to-day operations of a fast-growing undergraduate
academic journal in its second year
- Manage the call for submissions, content selection, editing, and
final printing/publishing
- Lead a team of almost editors and technical staff
- Build a sustainable financial architecture for the journal
- Expand the publication’s publicity and reach through a campaign to
expand awareness of the journal at other universities across the

- The applicant must be a student of Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard,
or General Studies
- Interest in East Asian Studies and knowledge of the East Asian
Studies community at Columbia
- The energy and know-how to run a quickly growing undergraduate publication
- at least 2 years of journalistic/publication experience (leadership
experience preferred)
- Dedication to building a dynamic academic community of
undergraduates inclusive of all disciplines as they relate to East
- Attention to detail and strong leadership abilities
- Strong interpersonal written and oral communication skills

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to editor@eastasiareview.org
by 11:59 PM, Monday, April 20,
2009. For more information about the Columbia East Asia Review, please
visit our website at www.eastasiareview.org.


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