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F My Life Post

So I came across this FML post. I was in a really weird mood; I swear that I usually don't spend time on moany, angsty-teen-ish sites like this.

Today, I saw an old Caucasian lady drop her purse. Out of kind intention, I ran to pick it up for her. She hit me with a wooden cane she was holding in her right hand. Multiple times. I gave her the purse back. She hit me again and said "Fuck You Yellow Rat," before she walked off. I'm Asian. FML.

What?! Yellow Rat? First of all, I don't even know where this racial slur came from. Second of all, it's instances like this that remind us how real racism still is. Despite its altered form in today's overly politically correct society, the underlying sentiments clearly have not changed. Granted, this woman is old and probably grew up in a very different world, so perhaps this particular instance is not such a grave indicator of the state of society today. Still, it makes me sad and angry. WTF? Get over yourself old lady; that "yellow rat" is probably paying your social security bills!


  1. Anonymous said...

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