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USCC Elections TODAY!

USCC Elections!
Tuesday, April 13th @ 9:15pm
Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) 552 W. 114th

All are welcome to come, vote, and/or run!

The United Students of Color Council (USCC) aims to act as a switchboard for students of color and student of color groups on campus. We advocate and program to: build community, foster collaboration, raise consciousness, create safe spaces and mobilize and empower students of color and student of color groups on campus.

Please come prepared to speak for no longer than 2 minutes about why you want to be on the USCC board, why you are best suited for the position, your vision for the coming year, etc. Feel free to reach out to uscc@columbia.edu with any questions/comments/concerns.

Elections are drop-down, in the following order:

Executive Co-Chairs (2)
-organize/facilitate meetings
-keep track of deadlines, send out reminders, step up/delegate responsibilities
-act as the default public voice for USCC
-meet with OMA advisors on a regular basis

Political Co-Chairs (2)
-organize Making the Connection: Building a Unified Community of Color (MCBUCC), a series of events that encourages coalition building
-keep USCC up-to-date on current issues within the community of color
-respond to political events that occur on and off campus

Event Co-Chairs (2)
-hold approximately 2 events per semester (filling in the gaps by doing events other student groups are not doing)
-support political co-chairs

Campus Liasons (2)
-organize at least one general body meeting per semester
-reach out to students of color not necessarily involved in student of color organizations
-maintain communication with student of color organizations

Communications Chair (1)
-send out executive board meeting notes
-send out weekly newsletter to general body

Funding Co-Chairs (2)
-handle logistics of co-sponsorship requests
-handle all e-form requests, reimbursements, etc.
-provide executive board with monthly budget updates
-plan a co-sponsorship information session at the beginning of the year (in conjunction with the
campus liaisons)

Public Relations Co-Chairs (2)
-increase awareness of USCC
-in charge of tabling at Activities Fairs
-in charge of flyers/advertising campaigns

Webmaster (1)
-maintain USCC website (including the calendar and blog)

Update: here are the results


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