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AAA Lost at Sea!!!

AAA becomes lost at sea with whereabouts unknown! AAA the Japanese pop group that is...

Yes, there is a JPOP group called AAA. Technically, their name is Attack All Around, but they are more commonly known as AAA. They have actually been around for a few years now and their fanbase has even spread beyond Japan. Here's the single that launched their careers "Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari."

(Note: The music actually starts at 2:45 and make sure to check out the huge AAA logo at 3:06. Plus there's an awesome AAA flag at 5:06, I sure wish we had one of those.)

Of course, by no means is AAA only a one hit wonder. They've actually released a couple hit singles by now and have even gained/lost a few group members. Here's another big hit from the Japanese charts "Q"

They've even gotten on some Japanese commercials!

As awesome as these guys are, I think this past weekend's "Karaoke Klash" held by Sounds of China has proven that this AAA has better singers and dancers. Especially better dancers.


  1. David said...

    I took off your Veoh embed because it was destroying the site... sorry, Tian.  

  2. skyxie said...


  3. Marilla said...

    i think i realized that AAA the JPop group existed last year. needless to say, i can't remember why i chose not to expose this fact.  

  4. Anonymous said...


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